Final Reflection

1.  One way I used rhetoric to make my text persuasive is by using pathos in my writing. Since I have Asperger’s I was able to talk about all the challenges I faced throughout my childhood. Another way I used rhetoric was using logos in my writing. By telling my audience of some famous people who had Asperger’s and what they were able to accomplish, it shows others that anyone can do anything.

2. One way my research process changed was using primary research. For all of my writing back in high school, I always used secondary research to get my point across. Another way was using Wikipedia to find sources. I was always taught never to use Wikipedia, but when I found out it using credible sources, I used it to find sources to help me prove my thesis.

3. The purpose of the documentation systems was to make sure our writing was credible and in the right format. By using MLA, I was able to cite the sources I wanted to use so I could prove my thesis to my audience.

4. One benefit I had using the blogs was getting useful information from other bloggers to help me with my research. One challenge I had was coming up with a topic to talk about. I went through five different topics before I found the right one to talk about to others.

5. The impact of sharing my work with others was getting great ideas of how to make my paper better and more appealing. Most of the time I had the same mistake I had to fix for all of my papers, but after getting a lot of great advice from my classmates, I was able to get by that mistake and make my paper the best that I could make it.


Research Paper Important Points

People with Asperger’s have the ability to be successful in social and academic situations. People with Asperger’s can be successful in life because they can figure out strategies to help them complete a task in school or work and know when it is appropriate to speak. They most likely will struggle with this but they will know how to figure it out to benefit themselves and then people around them. Just because someone has Asperger’s does not mean they can do tasks and activites that a person without Asperger’s can do too.

Primary Research Intro

For my primary research I conducted an interview with Dr. Sally Burton-Hoyle. I thought that interviewing someone who has a great understanding about my research topic would help me get more information I needed to know about it. Dr. Burton-Hoyle is an associate professor in the Special Education Department. She graduated from the the University of Idaho with a doctorate in education and a master’s in education from the University of Kansas. She is also one of fifteen people nationwide asked to participate and the only Michigan representative on the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC). With her extensive backround information about asperger’s, she was able to provide me with a lot of useful facts and information. Overall, the interview with Dr. Burton-Hoyle was very helpful and I learned a ton of new things I wouldn’t Imagined that would be true.

“The Maker’s Eye” Reflection

My thoughts about revision after reading “The Maker’s Eye” really opened my mind. I also got a ton of good information by the people sitting around me. I liked that when you are writing a paper they tell you what your biggest enemy is. That enemy is yourselves. The reason why is because you don’t like to hear any criticism, but they can help you in the long haul. The people around me talked about how your first draft isn’t going to be your best draft. In fact they read that it is most likely to be your worst draft out of all your drafts you write up. This article really changed my perspective on the difference between a final product and a draft.

“Interview Questions” Reflection

My research topic is about asperger’s. I want to find out the success of somebody with asperger’s in certain categories. My thesis statement is “Students with asperger’s are able to have success socially and academically.” Some of my interview questions are:

  1. What is your definition of Asperger Syndrome?
  2. How do you think a person with asperger’s handles social situations?
  3. Do you think a person with aperger’s can be acaemically successful?
  4. Why do asperger victim’s have trouble communicating with others?
  5. Do you believe someone with asperger’s can solve communication issues on their own?
  6. Why do you believe someone with asperger’s can solve academic issues on their own?
  7. Why are boys more likely to have asperger’s than girls?
  8. Are people with asperger’s more likely to be academically successful or socially successful?
  9. What is the age that you consider testing someone to see if they have Asperger Syndrome?
  10. Why do people with asperger’s usually struggle with social skills and academics?

“Blogs” Reflection

I have found a lot of information about my topic I am researching. Reading other people’s blogs will most likely help me with my secondary research. They give lots and lots of facts about my topic which I can use in my paper to explain my point even better. Some conversation topics might include: Why are you so interested in this topic? Does asperger’s have an affect on you? Do you know anyone who suffers from asperger’s?

“Faked and Got Away With” Reflection

About a month ago I was able to get out of going to work that day. However my mom thought I still had work that day so I pretended to go to work. Instead of going to work I went to see two movies at the theater right by my work. After I say the movies it was 10 o’clock, which is when my shift ends. When I got home I told my mom that I didn’t make a lot of money just in case she wanted to get some money from me. She still does not know and I hope she never finds out.


There comments both said they liked I was being honest for admitting that I forgot to read the article. They also said my writing style was good. One person said I needed to explain a little more of how I changed as a writer. Now I know for next time that I need to have a little more explanation in my blogs about the article. But overall They said I did a good job.

“How to Read like a Writer” Reflection

I forgot to read the article and skimming it right now. My bad. I learned that reading an article helps you make new choices in your writing. You can learn how to be a better writer by reading a particular text that talks about piecing your writing together. I also learned of some important questions to ask yourself before you start reading. Another think you want to consider is the genre of the writing or if it was written by a student. The final thing you want to consider is if you would be writing something similar in the near future.