Final Reflection

1.  One way I used rhetoric to make my text persuasive is by using pathos in my writing. Since I have Asperger’s I was able to talk about all the challenges I faced throughout my childhood. Another way I used rhetoric was using logos in my writing. By telling my audience of some famous people who had Asperger’s and what they were able to accomplish, it shows others that anyone can do anything.

2. One way my research process changed was using primary research. For all of my writing back in high school, I always used secondary research to get my point across. Another way was using Wikipedia to find sources. I was always taught never to use Wikipedia, but when I found out it using credible sources, I used it to find sources to help me prove my thesis.

3. The purpose of the documentation systems was to make sure our writing was credible and in the right format. By using MLA, I was able to cite the sources I wanted to use so I could prove my thesis to my audience.

4. One benefit I had using the blogs was getting useful information from other bloggers to help me with my research. One challenge I had was coming up with a topic to talk about. I went through five different topics before I found the right one to talk about to others.

5. The impact of sharing my work with others was getting great ideas of how to make my paper better and more appealing. Most of the time I had the same mistake I had to fix for all of my papers, but after getting a lot of great advice from my classmates, I was able to get by that mistake and make my paper the best that I could make it.


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